Online Casino Gambling is Legal in Nevada

Even with online gambling moving ever forward across the globe, Las Vegas, Nevada always seems to come to mind first when gambling is mentioned, despite limited online gaming.

Currently there are dozens upon dozens of international options available for those who are looking for a robust online gambling experience but Nevada, being one of the very few American states with regulated legal gambling, has had a history of lacking in the online arena. There have been forward steps to correct this in the past few years but the main bulk of the gaming to be had in the state requires players to physically enter a casino. The upside here is that moves forward have been made in the allowance of online poker in the state, meaning that players there no longer have to seek outside sources.

One business that was quick to make inroads to Nevada for the players looking to quench their online gambling thirst was Ultimate Poker, well known as the first fully legal poker site across both New Jersey and Nevada. Ultimate Poker is held by majority ownership by Station Casinos which has an extended reach through many land-based casinos such as Boulder Station, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Red Rock, and Texas Station. Ultimate Poker's lights first came on as their license allowed them to begin business on April 30, 2014, and has a name derived from a company with which Station Casinos is related Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Since launching, Ultimate Poker has made great strides towards improving the experience of it's users by first creating an all new platform, replacing the one that it originally launched with, in order to fix many small issues that the site had from the start. Increased security measures and triangulation of a registered cellular device as well as IP logging make sure that players from outside the legal range of New Jersey and Nevada aren't trying to sneak through some legal loophole. The game selection has jumped in the little more than a year of operation, from just Texas Hold 'Em being offered at the start to add pot and fixed limit Omaha High/Low Poker.

A great international, but still North American, alternative for players in the state of Nevada that offers a robust suite of games for those looking for an online casino experience is The selection of games here is broad with Slots of varying degrees of challenge and payout, Video Poker, Table Games, Scratch Cards, Arcades, and site exclusives.