Best Tips for Vegas Blackjack Strategy

One of the most popular card games worldwide is the twenty-one, more popularly known as blackjack. Its popularity extends even in the online gaming industry, and is helped by having standard rules observed in most, if not all, casinos and game rooms.

In a casino, Vegas blackjack is played with a deck shoe holding as many as eight card decks which constantly shuffle the cards. Only the dealer is allowed to touch the card from the deck shoe, from which he deals two cards to each player including himself. Players' cards are dealt face up while he keeps one of his cards face down.

When you want to take a hit, i.e., draw another card from the deck, simply tap your finger. Otherwise, wave your hand over them formulating the dealer to stop dealing. A dealer has to take a card when his cards only total 16 inclusive, and has to stand at 17 or more.

Remember that the goal of Vegas blackjack is to win not necessarily by getting a twenty-one but by beating the dealer without busting, or going over 21. Face cards are worth ten while an ace may be one or 11.

There are two types of hands, the hard hand and the soft hand, and your strategy would depend on what you hold. A hard hand is a hand without an Ace, and is therefore more common. Conversely, a soft hand is any hand with an ace.

Following are some pointers to keep in mind to improve your chances of winning in Vegas blackjack.

When dealt a hard hand, always take another card when your total is from three to 11 inclusive, and keep on until you move out of this range. With 12 to 16, you hit or stand depending on the dealer's face up card. When he has 2 to 6 inclusive, you are better off standing. With 7 or better, you must hit. When your hand value is 17 or better, always stand regardless of the dealer's card.

When you hold a great soft hand (Ace with 8 to 10 inclusive), always stand. With any other, always hit since the Ace can also be counted as 1, and from then on apply the hard hand guidelines.

Always split with Eight, Nines or Aces. A pair of tens is evidently a very good hand and must be kept. Doubling down is more complex and experts have varying views on this.